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About MyPL

Ever Dreamt of owning top brass cricketing stars like Kohli and Dhoni in your own virtual cricket squad? Meet MyPL: India's Fastest Fantasy cricket game where your skills matter the most! At MyPL, your cricketing knowledge and skills can earn you loads of real money! Watch this space while MyPL transforms into a one stop sports fantasy application covering Hockey, Football, Tennis, Kabaddi!


How To Play

    3 steps to build your dream fantasy cricket team and earn money!

  • 1. Pick your virtual squad of 9 players from the list of upcoming cricket matches!
  • 2. Sit back, relax and watch the Live cricket matches at home. Watch your squad picking skills do the talking with your unique choice of cricket players in your squad.
  • 3. Come back to see if your super 9 were the best and stand a chance to win real money!

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Quick Team selection

The super quick squad selection system of MYPL allows you to pick teams in as quickly as 5 mins! If you are a deep thinker though, it might take longer.

One game, all formats

Are you a fan of the traditional Test cricket? Or are you one of the millennials who prefers rapid fire limited overs cricket matches in the form of T20s and ODIs. We support them all at MyPL.


Here are a few strategies that will give you that extra edge while choosing your MYPL.

  • The Star-player

    Choose your star player and we will double the points scored by your star player Select player from the team that has a higher chance of winning the game single handed. You would want a player who is multi faceted. He should be a player who bats at least in the top 4 of an innings, one who will bowl a minimum of 8 over's and one who does his fielding in critical areas of the ground.

  • Pitch condition

    Go through the pitch report given by experts before the toss. Pick the batsman / bowlers who are known to excel on those pitch conditions. The best way to do this is to go back to the last series / tournament and see how the players performed on certain type of surfaces. For example, if the expert informs that there are traces of green grass left on the pitch by the curator. You can understand that the pitch seems to be seam friendly and it will assist bowlers who have the skill to swing the ball both ways. Similarly, if informed that it is a flat track, where a number of games have been played recently and the curator of the ground has not had enough time to work with the pitch. You would choose spinners as that pitch would be more conducive to spin.

  • Pick Bowlers that bowl the death overs

    Often the most number of wickets fall towards the last overs of the match as the chasing team throws wickets away trying to reach an aggressive target. This is where having a specialist death over bowler helps as they usually pick up 2, sometimes 3 wickets in their last few overs. Try to pick at least one or two in your playing side.

  • Favourite player

    Don't always pick your favourites. This is the golden rule of any fantasy game. Even though you might love the way your favourite player can smash a ton or take wickets when he's on song. Remember the object of this game is not to have the best team but to win by scoring the most number of points.

  • Research players

    It goes without saying. Research players and observe how they've done in their recent outings. You will be surprised to know that not all of them are the stars of the game. Keep a constant track of consistent performers over pitch conditions and the past matches. Picking a consistent guys is better than risking all on a new entry or a favourite - at least there's some guarantee behind having a consistent performer who may not have hit his average last match, but guess what, he will hit above it or around it next match for sure. Be sure to decide players based on recent averages (say last 10 matches) and form.

  • Role of wicket keepers

    Wicket-keepers that bat higher up in the batting order is always a good selection as they will score runs as well score definite points for caught behind wickets and stumping chances.

  • Injury prone player

    Be alert for players who are prone to injuries or if a player had walked off the field due to an injury. Check on the nature of his injury and decide if it's a serious one. If it is, he is sure not going to feature in the next game. For example, I had selected Rohit Sharma in my playing 9. However, I had realised in the after match press release for the previous game, Virat said he could be rested a game to recover fully. So I selected David Warner instead. You will be very successful in your selections if you are alert to such information.

  • Game Format

    Select your player based on his performance in a particular format. For example, in a T20 format select few bowlers as T20 is a batters game. Selecting an opening batsman and players who walk in at No 3 or No 4 is a better choice.

Point System

Once you select your MYPL, a scorecard is created. All you have to do next is sit back ,enjoy the match and root for your players/team.

Once the game is over the points reflect alongside your players.

Check the leaderboard to see if your finest 9 has won the highest score.

Points are assigned to your players based on the format of the game and the rules mentioned below.

Type of Points T20 ODI TEST
For every run scored 1 1 1
For every four 2 (+4) 2 (+4) 1 (+4)
For every six 3 (+6) 3 (+6) 3 (+6)
Bonus points for runs 5 (for 30 runs) 3 (for 40 runs) 0
Player scores 50 runs 10 5 3
Player scores 75 runs 15 10 5
Player scores 100 or more runs 25 20 10 (20 bonus points if player scores 200+)
For every wicket 5 5 5
For every 3 wickets 15 (+15) 15 (+15) 15 (+15)
For every 5 wickets 25 (+25) 25 (+25) 25 (+25)
For every catch 5 5 5
Economy rate runs
Economy rate runs (8-economy rate)*number of over's*2 (6-economy rate)*number of over's*2 No bonus
All fielding players involved 5 5 5
For every catch 5 5 5
Star Player
Star Player Double score Double score Double score